Living On Borrowed Time

Edge of the Empire

Previous Adventures on the Borrowed Time

The Borrowed Time’s crew were like many others on Nar Shaddaa, doing whatever work they could to keep the credits flowing and their ship off the ground. While their early days were by no means dull, it can be said with accuracy that their story really began when everything went wrong.

On the face of things, they were hired by a criminal gang to scout out the property of a new potential rival. In reality, although they would not know it for months, the property in question was Imperial Intelligence’s attempt to bait and trap the local cell of the Rebel Alliance. Despite being split up, ambushed, and getting into an awful hovertruck crash, the crew escaped, but their employer wanted nothing to do with them. They were left with nothing to show for their trouble but a stolen crate of marked blasters.

That is when they met one Thriask Fey’lya (no relation), who introduced himself as a weapons dealer more than willing to buy stolen Imperial firepower. They quickly entered into a profitable relationship with the Bothan and his own crew, stealing increasingly powerful weapons and smuggling mysterious cargoes. As the months passed they had many unrelated adventures, tangling with Black Sun and other old enemies while gaining new crewmembers, traveling as far as Teth and Corellia, but their work kept sending them back to whatever cantina Thriask was hiding out at on any given day. All the while the crew were intermittently harried by mysterious attackers and suspiciously well-equipped pirates.

Eventually Thriask revealed his master stroke: the theft of an Imperial Interdictor cruiser being built in a secret shipyard right above the Smuggler’s Moon. With enough of the crew more than willing to hurt the Empire, they committed to the job. Despite the best efforts of the Empire, including one of its dreaded Inquisitors, the Grasper was successfully stolen and the secret shipyard destroyed. Paying the crew for their work, Thriask revealed himself as a Commander in the Rebel Alliance, and offered a place in the Alliance to any who wished to join . . .


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